What to Do if Your Child is Missing

  • Immediately call your local law enforcement agency.

  • After you have reported your child missing to law enforcement, call the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at  1-800-THE-LOST(1-800-843-5678).

  • If your child is missing from home, search through:

    • Closets

    • Piles of laundry

    • In and under beds

    • Inside large appliances

    • Vehicles – including trucks

    • Anywhere else that a child may crawl or hide

  • Notify the store manager or security office if your child cannot be found when in a store. Then immediately call your local law enforcement agency. Many stores have a Code Adam plan of action in place.

  • When you call law enforcement:

    • Provide law enforcement with your child’s Ident-A-Kid ID (using the share button) Tell them when you noticed your child was missing and what clothing he or she was wearing.

  • Share your Ident-A-Kid ID on social media with circumstances (date/time/location/description/etc.)