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COVID-19 UPDATE: Wellness screenings, contactless entry, Remote-Links📱 & Temp Chek™🌡️

In response to COVID-19, we’ve created a Policy Guideline to outline recommended changes for wellness screenings, checking in all visitors into campus and staff hours on and off-campus. Also, we recently released our Temp Chek™ reader for contactless temperature screenings that can be logged within IVM’s school visitor management system, to be standalone or used on buses to support all wellness screening practices.

Setup Remote-LinksLearn more about Temp Chek™

The Best School Visitor Management

iVisitor Management (IVM) makes tracking visitor, student, staff and volunteer activities in your district easy with our flexible system that can be customized to meet your needs.

More Than Just A School Check-In System

From background checks to syncing student attendance to your School Information System, IVM is packed with features that will help your schools improve safety and efficiency.

A System You Can Trust

Whether your school district has 1 school or 500, IVM is the perfect school visitor management system for you. With our 35+ years of experience, we understand the needs of K-12 schools across the nation and how they are continuing to evolve. Built with scalability in mind, IVM can be tailored to fit all types of visitor policies and our team is dedicated to helping you find the right solution.

See what our customers are saying about using IVM at their schools.

“This software is easy to use and I love the safety and peace of mind it gives me about tracking visitors in schools. The steps are easy to follow even for first time users. My favorite feature is the scanning of the driver’s license or ID and knowing it scans the sex offender list. Not only are we tracking the visitors who come in, but we are adding an extra step in safety for our students.” – Jamie B., NV

“We use Ident-A-Kid to “check in” tardy students, student dismissals, etc. The software integrates with our PowerSchool student information system, saving data input time. The program also generates late passes for students. Visitors also check in with this system. They scan their driver’s licenses, and a badge is generated with their picture on it. Overall, the system helps us track who is in the school at any given time.” – Mark M., NH

“The company has very good support and the program is very user friendly. We use this as a way of keeping up with who is tardy, early check outs, visitors and substitute teachers. The reports I can print give me an organized list of each activity that make keeping accurate records much easier.” – Darnell B., VA

Our Partners

We’re proud to partner with the following organizations to provide schools time and money saving integrations, improved school safety and more!

iVisitor Management saves your schools time and money with our PowerSchool integration by syncing your student attendance records, rosters and parent information.
Schools can save time and money for their visitor management system by purchasing through TIPS.
Create safer school environments for students, staff and everyone involved by integrating iVisitor Management's Volunteer App with Sterling Volunteers!
Purchasing visitor, volunteer and emergency management systems has never been easier thanks to the iVisitor Management contract with 1GPA!
Connect your school visitor management to your SIS through iVisitor Management's OneRoster API to receive student attendance data!
By being an authorized education partner, iVisitor Management can provide cost effective solutions that are configured specifically for school environments.