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CENTEGIX, the leader in incident response solutions,  announces its acquisition of Ident-A-Kid, the market-leading provider of Visitor and Volunteer Management and Reunification solutions for K-12. This acquisition furthers CENTEGIX’s mission to create safer spaces through innovative technology.

For more information, visit https://identakid.com/centegix-acquires-ident-a-kid-and-launches-enhanced-visitor-management/ 

Partners in Integration

Ident-A-Kid has been a PowerSchool partner since 2013. IAK-VM’s integration with PowerSchool provides secure and seamless transfer of student roster data.
IAK-VM currently communicates with PowerSchool through the PowerSchool API to do the following:

  • Export student data to IAK-VM for easy check-in of current students
  • Updates all student information in real time
  • Reports school Attendance codes into IAK-VM
  • IAK-VM immediately sends all tracked tardies and early releases back into PowerSchool

For more information, visit https://identakid.com/partners/powerschool/


We’re proud to introduce Ident-A-Kid’s OneRoster compliant API integration that will improve process efficiencies for schools and districts! Thanks to this new integration, you will be able to save even more time and money with Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management system while also adding another layer of security to your school.

For more information on this integration, visit https://identakid.com/partners/oneroster/


Edclick is Ident-A-Kid’s newest partner in integration, with their Discipline Management software. This is a comprehensive, web-based system designed to streamline the discipline process. Discipline Manager enhances Ident-A-Kid’s Complete Campus Security Solution’s visitor management system by allowing schools to track referrals, import state reporting, and much more.

Press Release

For more information, visit www.edclick.com or contact sales@edclick.com

Sterling Volunteers has partnered with Ident-A-Kid to help create safer school environments for students, staff and everyone involved.  Through this integration partnership, schools will be able to easily order quality background checks and better manage their screening program while saving time and money. Sterling Volunteers offers many unique features such as free monthly updates, optional volunteer payment contributions, access to a community of vetted volunteers and more!

Please click here to learn more about Sterling Volunteers. 

For questions and answers on this integration, click here.


Partners in Safety


The National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) is dedicated to providing the highest quality of training to school-based law enforcement officers in order to promote safer schools and safer kids. NASRO, the world’s leader in school-based policing, is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1991 with a solid commitment to our nation’s youth. NASRO is an organization for school-based law enforcement officers, school administrators, and school security/safety professionals working as partners to protect students, school faculty and staff, and the schools they attend. SRO programs across the nation are founded as collaborative efforts by police agencies, law enforcement officers, educators, students, parents, and communities. The goal of NASRO and SRO programs is to provide safe learning environments in our nation’s schools, provide valuable resources to school staff, foster a positive relationship with our nation’s youth, and develop strategies to resolve problems affecting our youth with the goal of protecting every child so they can reach their best potential.

For more information, visit NASRO.org.


The Florida Association of School Resource Officers is proud of the achievements of the youth in our state. As a result, FASRO began endowing educational scholarships for middle and high school students starting in 1988. During this time period, FASRO has awarded over $100,000 dollars to our students to assist them in obtaining their goal of a college education. At FASRO we will continue to seek more funding to help our students achieve the educational knowledge they desire. The Florida Association of School Resource Officers offers the most advanced and comprehensive training for its members in the state of Florida.
For more information visit fasro.net.

The FBI’s priority is to help you, your children, your communities, and your businesses from the most dangerous threats facing our nation.

For more information, visit https://www.fbi.gov/fbi-kids


The School Safety Advocacy Council is made up of some of the leading experts in the field of school and child safety. Our staff and nationally certified instructors have trained over 100,000 police, college and school officials from the United States and abroad.The School Safety Advocacy Council is a team of dedicated individuals who work closely with your agency, district and or organization to help you achieve the results you need. The School Safety Advocacy Council advocates public policy in legislative and regulatory arenas and works to promote safe and secure school and community environments.

Email admin@schoolsafety911.org for more information.

Partners in Purchasing

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) is a national purchasing cooperative that offers access to competitively procured purchasing contracts to its members.  TIPS is housed at and managed by the Region 8 Education Service Center located in Pittsburg, Texas. Ident-A-Kid works with TIPS to provide a more cost effective method for purchasing and bidding on IAK-VM. View how to purchase via TIPS here.


Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management has been awarded a contract for Visitor, Volunteer, and Emergency Management Systems by 1GPA! If you’re a member of 1GPA, you now have the benefit of a simplified purchasing process. No need to go through the entire solicitation process when looking for a visitor management system! Use our contract for a streamlined purchase. For your convenience, you can visit our Vendor page here to download our 1GPA Due Diligence File.

If you’re interested in becoming a 1GPA member to take advantage of the Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management contract, you can join for free today!