Carteret County Public School System officials are improving school campus security by putting a visitor management system in place in all schools. Called Complete Campus Security Solution (CCSS), the system improves security by having all visitors to school campuses check in and out through a computer. Provided by Ident-A-Kid Services of America, the computer software has a database of visitors’ pertinent information and notes individuals allowed to check in and check out students.

It also takes a photo of the person for positive identification, and it prints a custom label for visitors to wear while on campus. CCSS will be in place in all 16 Carteret County public schools by mid-November. Heidi McMickle has a grandson enrolled at Newport Elementary School and she likes the new system. “I think this system is a great idea,” Ms. McMickle said. “It provides security and I like knowing it can help make sure not just anyone can come take my grandson or other students from school.” According to the school system’s Director of Technology and Media Millie Temple, the school system’s Technology Plan calls for the implementation of an identification and security system by June 2013. She noted finding funds for this system had been difficult. The school system’s Technology Plan is required by the state and provides a “road map” to guide the technology funding process for a five-year period. Ident-A-Kid Services of America has donated the software for the CCSS to the schools as part of the company’s Safe Schools Initiative. Ms. Temple said the school system was providing the hardware, using older, out of date computers not up to the speed needed for today’s student or teacher instructional use. “The opportunity to receive the CCSS system software at no fee moved ahead the Technology Plan goal to put an identification and security system in place in each school,” Ms. Temple said. She noted the ease of use and the flexibility of the system. Visitors to the school simply click a button to check in and then fill in their name and information such as the reason for their visit or where in the school they will be visiting. Visitor badges are then quickly printed and include the visitor’s name, location, date and photo. After visiting, the individuals check themselves out with a simple click. “This system is easy to use and very quick,” Ms. Temple said. “It allows us to eliminate all the handwritten check in and check out books, and provides a much more secure system to track and document individuals on school campuses and interacting with students and staff.” Enhanced features of CCSS can include providing a “No Entry” list that flags those unauthorized to visit or check out a student, creating identification badges for field trips, clocking in and out school system employees, producing a variety of reports, and running attendance information.

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