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How to use your school’s visitor management system from anywhere

COVID-19 has changed the way many people work, including school personnel. Many school districts have delayed the return of classes for safety and health concerns and are looking for virtual tools and services to assist in continuing lessons and data collection. 


Since our IVM software tracks more staff check-ins than visitors, our management and development teams reviewed our software for ways it could contribute to our customers’ new needs. As a result, our developers worked quickly to create a new IVM feature called Remote-Links that allows the creation of secure, shareable links to track people/tasks/items remotely on a phone, tablet, PC, etc. This new feature is now available to all V4 customers.


School administrators can create stations specifically for staff and volunteers to keep track of activities while working from home (or anywhere). Some uses for Remote-Links include:

Staff Time Logging

Many school customers use IVM for tracking work hours at school, why not while at home too? Being able to “log in and out” of virtual classrooms or administrative work can now be quickly done remotely by creating a remote station, emailing the link to it, and having staff save the link on their phone or desktop.

Volunteers Time Logging

Schools with volunteers helping out delivering lunches, remote tutoring, preparing materials, etc. can now also have their time logged remotely. Creating a station for volunteers (like staff), to save on their phone, makes logging time a breeze. The school administrator can also automatically tabulate and report hours just like when they volunteered at the school. This feature will also be useful for future field trips or any volunteer effort away from school.

Record distribution of free lunches

Many districts are struggling and reacting to their students’ needs and how they will continue to feed children daily. Therefore, lunch distribution sites can use IVM to log the lunches passed out and to who. Each record logs the number of lunches sent and which families are utilizing this.

Tracking of school/district hardware

Currently, with students and staff having to work at home, districts have to lend equipment, like PCs or tablets. IVM can track hardware check-in/outs, just like visitors or staff.

The share station screen users see when setting up Remote-Links

Then go into the station settings and enable Remote-Links. Please make sure to set an expiration date that makes sense for your user. You can extend the expiration date if needed. Once the link is generated, you may pass out those specific links to your users. If you feel you need to take it down immediately or change the URL, you will have the option to do so. Security is still our #1 priority. 

To get your school(s) set up with Remote-Links, please fill out the form below, and we will reach out with instructions. For support assistance, please email Support@identakid.com or call 800-890-1000 option 2.

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