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A guide to understanding, creating and effectively using Remote-Links from iVisitor Management.

COVID-19 upended the way our schools operated in 2020. School buildings closed, and many homes became the new classroom with distance learning taking effect. This shift in operations has demanded new solutions for school administrators. To meet that demand, we developed our Remote-Links feature.

Remote-Links, iVisitor Management station sharing feature, presents an opportunity for schools to track all their activities even while buildings are closed. As students return to school in the future, we predict that health and safety guidelines will call for maintaining safe distances to limit contact and frequent wellness screenings before entering campus. Remote-Links provides schools the visitor management system tracking and reporting features they use daily remotely. 

This article will cover important topics and answer questions related to how schools and districts can use Remote-Links to efficiently track their activities and keep their students and staff safe and healthy.

Uses of Remote-Links

Image of testimonial from iVisitor Management customer using Remote-Links.

We know that just because school buildings have closed, that doesn’t mean the school year has ended. Many of our customers have reached out to us, asking for guidance on best utilizing their visitor management system right now. Over the past year, we’ve worked with school districts across the country to implement Remote-Links and created a list of ways it’s used.

Wellness Screening

Image of school visitor answering wellness screening question on cell phone.

Wellness questionnaires are an essential part of screening all individuals that enter the campus. The number and types of questions you ask are custom to your local and county health guidelines. We recommend that you provide a list of preapproved answers for selection for ease-of-use and more accurate reporting.

Contact Tracing

If notified that someone who has visited your campus tested positive for COVID-19, you can employ contact tracing. The School Manager creates reports that are filtered using dates to identify everyone who entered the campus.

Tracking staff hours

School staff using Remote-Links to track hours from home.

Whether your staff are working from home or are on campus, Remote-Links is an excellent solution for daily hour tracking. 

Tracking volunteer activities and hours

Volunteers are an essential part of every community, especially now. Easily keep track of what your volunteers are accomplishing.

Tracking hardware rentals

If you’re providing your students and staff with devices for distance learning, you can log who has what item quickly.

Tracking visitors in schools

School visitor checking in through Remote-Links.

Policies and procedures differ between states and counties. If you’re accepting visitors on campus but still want to minimize contact points, Remote-Links is the solution you need. Plus, you can even scan licenses and perform sexual offender background checks using a visitor’s phone*!

*License scanning using a cell phone’s camera is only available on Android devices*

School visitor scanning drivers' license with cellphone.

School lobbies

If your school has people enter the campus, we recommend having a point of entry to use Remote-Links for answering a wellness screening questionnaire. This will help you keep track of all of those entering, and if needed, provide a contact tracing solution.

At home

If you’re using a hybrid or remote learning system, sharing your Remote-Links station with staff and students will help keep you organized.

Volunteer stations

If volunteers are coming on to campus, you should have signage instructing them to use your Remote-Links station to check-in. Ask wellness screening questions, and collect info on the activities they’re doing and the hours they are there.

How to set up a remote visitor management system with IVM

Screenshot of station settings in iVisitor Management system.

Every license of iVisitor Management has Remote-Links included for free. To share a visitor management station, visit your client settings, and scroll down to station settings. In this section, you will see the “Share Station” option. For more information and specifics on using this feature to share your station, read our article here.

How to share Remote-Links

Image of Remote-Links shared through email.

Once you have created your Remote-Links station, you will have a link to share. You can email this link to the users that need it. To shorten the URL link, you can use a service like tinyurl.com. Shortening your URL will make it easier for people to type in.

QR codes

School visitor scanning QR code with cellphone.

You can use QR codes for users to scan. There are free services available to create QR Codes. One we’ve used in the past is QR Code Generator. You will want to copy and paste your station URL into the QR code maker then copy the QR code onto a sign. We also provide free Remote-Links sign templates for you to download and customize! To view our free Remote-Links sign templates, click here.

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