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You try your best to run your school days as smoothly as possible. From welcoming students and staff first thing each morning to safely dismissing everyone at the end of the day, you need the right tools to make your job easy. You may even be considering investing in complicated software or expensive supplies for next year, but wait. Have you considered using school IDs for your students and staff? If not, you could be overlooking an affordable, easy-to-use solution, and we’ll prove it. Here are three ways IDs can improve your daily school operations.

Access Control

One of the best and easiest ways to improve your school security is by implementing access control. Access control can take a few different forms, but all achieve the same goal; restricting access to your campus to those who shouldn’t be there. Some newer school buildings are constructed with vestibule doors that can only be opened when a student or staff member scans or shows their ID. Another way to use IDs for access control is to check student IDs at the beginning of each day.

Faster Transactions

There are tons of transactions happening every school day, from buying school lunch to renting books from the library. If you aren’t using IDs, you most likely require students to enter their ID number on a pad or use a clipboard and the honor system. Recording transactions like this every day takes up valuable time and can create more work for you.

Using school IDs with barcodes loaded with a student’s data can process all your daily transactions much faster.

Using school IDs with barcodes loaded with a student’s data can process all your daily transactions much faster. For example, if you have students arriving tardy to school, you could use their IDs to scan them in and get them to class faster. This means more time in the classroom and less waiting in line to type their student ID number. Using a school visitor management system alongside IDs to track student tardies would allow you to create accurate reports for all your tardy students without any manual data entry.

Get Accurate Bus Attendance

Just as ensuring students arrive safely in the morning, ensuring students are on the correct bus at the end of the day is equally important. It can be a mad dash at the end of the day, and it’s not always the easiest to make sure each student is accounted for. Using a school ID to have students scan once they board their bus can immediately give you an accurate headcount.


Cellphones are part of most of our daily lives, including your students’. Digital school IDs offer additional benefits over traditional hard card IDs. MySchool iD™ not only leverages the widespread use of cell phones for your school ID needs but provides essential emergency management tools at no additional cost!

Cheaper Pricing and Great Discounts

You might think that printing your IDs or outsourcing them provides you with cost savings. However, you need an expensive printer, hard cards, printer ribbon, and printing software to print your IDs. If you outsource your IDs, many of these third-party vendors will just pass the cost of printing them on to you. With MySchool iD™, we don’t have the cost of using and maintaining equipment, passing savings onto you!

Update Your IDs When You Need To

MySchool iD is an entirely digital system, meaning you don’t need to print a new card whenever you need to make an update. You can update your student and staff IDs whenever you need to. Changes are done quickly and applied instantly.

Two-way Instant Messaging

If students or staff notice an issue, they can report it directly to administrators. MySchool iD’s messaging tool is as easy to use as texting.

Two way communication

Silent Emergency Alarm

In the event of an emergency, you need to be able to alert your entire campus right away. MySchool iD gives administrators the ability to activate a silent emergency alarm that alerts all users immediately.

MSID Emergency Alert

Real-time User Status Reporting

After an emergency is activated, all users will be prompted to report their safety status. Administrators will be able to see who is safe or needs help in real-time, giving your team an accurate view of the situation. When a user reports needing help, the messaging tool will open for them to provide more information.

MSID Home Screen

IDs Are Never Lost or Stolen

MySchool iD print

Let’s admit it, we all lose track of things every now and then. For students, it could be easy to lose a small, thin plastic card that is only used during school hours. With MySchool iD, their phone is their ID! This means IDs are much less likely to be lost or forgotten.

What if something happens to their phone? We have it covered. You can quickly and easily print a temporary ID from your average inkjet or thermal printer when needed. This temporary school ID is identical to the digital version, including the scannable barcode used around campus.

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