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So over the past couple of weeks many of you may have received an email or two asking you to update your preferences or respond back or else we would unsubscribe you from our list. “How could this be? I open every email!” We realized quickly from your responses that things on our email list were not as they appeared to be.

So why send out those emails in the first place? What’s the big idea, Ident-A-Kid? Well, we took a look at our list of subscribers and ran some reports on activity. We looked at those that were regularly opening and clicking through our emails (yay!), but we also looked at those that were not opening any emails. Unfortunately, what our list was showing is that over half of our subscribers were not opening our emails.

Now, we’re people just like you. We subscribe to email lists for an update here or a discount there, but after a while we get annoyed by all these different emails in our inboxes. What do we do? We just ignore them! Outta sight outta mind, right?

We didn’t want that to be the case with our emails, so we set out to send a few chances for our subscribers to decide whether or not they wanted to keep receiving our emails. We used the following criteria when deciding who would receive these emails:

  • They have to be subscribed to our list since 1/1/2016, were sent campaigns within the last 3 months, did not open any of the last 5 campaigns and have a rating of 0 for engagement (no opens or clicks).

With our parameters set, we designed our emails and tested out which one would perform best for opens. The one that did would be sent to everyone going forward. Easy!

Well, not so much. What we didn’t quite factor in is how the spam filters that school districts may affect these open rates. The email services that we use have a way that they can track for opens and clicks. Unfortunately, some of your servers aren’t allowing those opens and clicks to be tracked.

So what’re we going to do about this? First, we’d like to apologize for the inconvenience and annoyance this may have caused anyone. That was certainly not our intention! We wanted to help you keep your inbox neat and tidy, while also making sure we had the correct people on our list. It’s been quite a learning experience. If you responded back to the email asking not to be removed, your responses were recorded and you will not be taken off, same goes to those that opened the email, but did not send an email.

Second, we would like to ask that if you do receive our emails and open them that you please either add us to your address book, or choose to display images when you receive our emails.

Now we understand that districts may have protocol for their emails. We aren’t advocating for anyone to go rogue and break the policies for email that your district has in place. Those are safety measures meant to protect you! We’re just asking that if this is the case you try to reach out to your network administrator to see how you could resolve this.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this situation. We would also like to thank you for your support of the Ident-A-Kid Visitor Management System! Together we are helping create smarter visitor management for safer schools and brighter futures.

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