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Temperature Check Kiosk for Businesses

Temp Chek™ is a completely contactless, fast, accurate temperature checking kiosk that sanitizes with every use. Ideal for any business or school.

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Temp Chek™ Plus Features

Temp Chek™ Plus is equipped with high-quality features the make scanning temperatures easy and efficient!

Completely Contactless

Temp Chek™ devices come equipped with infrared (IR) thermal reading technology for completely contactless temperature checks.

No personal identifying information is recorded within Temp Chek™, making the temperature reading both FERPA and HIPPA compliant.

Accurate Temperature Readings

Temp Chek™ readings are displayed in seconds and are within a ±0.6­°F – ±0.9°F margin of error. We recommend placing your body within a few inches of the temperature scanners for the most accurate readings.

High Temperature Alerts

The alarm function on our Temp Chek™ thermometers emits a beeping noise and flashes the display when an individual’s temperature reads over 99°F.

Thanks to the high-temperature alarm, it’s easy to stop potentially ill individuals from entering your business or school campus.

Sanitization with Every Use

Temp Chek™ Plus dispenses a liberal portion of hand sanitizer automatically with every use. Frequent hand sanitizing promotes good personal hygiene.

Each device holds up to 1000 ml (33.81 fl oz) of hand sanitizer for a supply that last long.

Temp Chek™ Plus Specifications

Measurement method: Infrared non-contact*

Alarm type: Flashing red light and beeping

Measuring range: 32°F-122°F

Measurement accuracy: Body ±0.6°F

Resolution: 0.1°F

Temperature unit: Celsius, Fahrenheit

Working conditions: 46.5°F – 104°F (59°F-95°F recommended)

*It is important to note that IR technology records surface temperature, not internal temperature. Because of this, the environment in which you use Temp Chek™ may affect results.

Ready to use Temp Chek™ Plus for contactless temperature screenings?

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