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Ident-A-Kid’s Complete Campus Security Solution (CCSS) Visitor Management System has been officially adopted throughout Onslow County Schools.

All 38 schools are able to track all visitors entering their campuses. Utilizing CCSS’s self-service kiosk, visitors first produce their driver’s license for positive ID and then utilize the touch screen to enter their reason for visiting and destination. The system performs a Sexual Offender Check (SOC) against the National Sexual Offender Registry; and then for cleared visitors, prints a badge with the visitor’s name, photo, date/time and destination.

“Thanks to Ident-a-kid, we were able to catch someone on campus. We hope this makes our parents feel more comfortable sending their kids to knowing we have a system like this. It is just one more level of security we have in place,” states Director of Safety and Security, Dusty Rhodes.

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