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GREENSBORO, N.C. – When a stranger wants to come into your house, you don’t just let them in. You check them out first – make sure they are on the up and up. But 2 Wants To Know found not all school districts background check campus visitors. And today we’re looking at a solution. A way to keep kids safe from sex offenders. Why does it matter? We know it happened at least once before in 2009 at an area school a registered sex offender signed into the school log more than 30 times.

Now technology has improved. It is expensive, but 2 Wants To Know found some schools are looking at it.

Phoenix Academy charter school in High Point has the latest visitor check-in upgrade from Ident-a-Kid. A drivers license scanner – which lets the school check names against the sex offender registry within seconds.

All Davie County Schools and some of Yadkin County also have this security upgrade. Alamance, Davidson, Guilford and Montgomery Counties have an Ident-a-kid system, but are missing the license scanner. That means these systems only keep a log of which visitors come in– there are no visitor background checks.

Ident-A-Kid director Joyce Johnson is talking with the districts right now about upgrading.

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