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Ident-A-Kid® Celebrates its 35th Anniversary

From making child IDs for neighbors to national leader in school safety solutions, a look at how the company has evolved over the years

(St. Petersburg, FL – May 04, 2021) — Ident-A-Kid Services of America, Inc., celebrates 35 years of helping keep kids safe.  What started in 1986 as a laminated Polaroid photo identification card has evolved into a digital ID available in electronic form stored on a parent’s cell phone.

In schools, Ident-A-Kid improves safety and security with its award-winning iVisitor Management (IVM) software designed to manage all school traffic including staff, student tardies, and visitors. IVM’s automatic sex offender background checks, custom banned persons lists, and custody issue checks alert school staff before unwanted individuals enter campus. Thousands of schools nationwide use IVM because it is comprehensive, easy to use, and efficient. IVM continued to evolve during the pandemic, helping schools monitor students and staff through wellness screenings and contact tracing, and even going mobile to minimize foot traffic and contact points throughout campus. Pinellas County Schools (PCS) in Florida utilizes IVM in all their 132 schools. Dennis Russo, PCS’s Safety and Security Administrator said “We were able to monitor all of our 15,000 employees during the pandemic using IVM’s remote feature”.

Ident-A-Kid continues to focus on innovative technology solutions that are missing within most schools today. This year they are rolling out their new digital school ID app, MySchool ID™ (MSID), which replaces a traditional student ID with a digital ID on students’ mobile phones. MSID also has emergency management functionality, like “Need Help” and “I’m Safe” buttons students use in case of an emergency. These buttons update rosters and emergency reports in real-time to help administrators and first responders act quickly during emergencies. “We are bringing identification into the new digital era. Students are empowered to respond during active emergencies, allowing staff to respond quickly to the need for help” says Emily Fellouzis, Ident-A-Kid’s COO. 

About Ident-A-Kid: Based in St. Petersburg, FL, Ident-A-Kid is a leading provider of K-12 school and child safety solutions, including visitor management (iVisitor Management), digital school IDs and emergency management (MySchool iD™), and digital child IDs. 

Schools across the country use iVisitor Management to collect wellness screening questionnaires and implement contact tracing in response to COVID-19. Ident-A-Kid’s visitor management software tracks over 40 million check-ins a year across 42 states and screens visitors through a national sex offender background check as well as custom banned persons lists and custody issue checks.

For more information on all of Ident-A-Kid’s products, visit identakid.com, call 800-890-1000 #4, or email sales@identakid.com.

A parent using Ident-A-Kid's Visitor Management (IVM) Kiosk to sign into a school.
Kiosk package specifically made to utilize all the features of Ident-A-Kid's school visitor management.
Digital Child ID
MySchool iD™ sample on a phone.
MySchool iD™ home screen.
Enhance your emergency management protocols by improving response times, allowing students to report incidents, mark themselves safe, request more help, keep accurate rosters for student reunification and sending alerts to your staff.