School safety grants are a great way to get your school upgraded with a complete visitor management system. Sometimes though, schools are only given money for part of a system. Grant applications ask you to explain in detail the way the new equipment can help. Here are some points we think can help you in your next submission.

Sexual Offender Background Checks

A visitor management system can perform a sexual offender background check automatically by scanning visitor driver licenses before completing the check-in. If there is a match in the national database, school personnel will be alerted and able to review the check-in before the individual is allowed to proceed. The alert will provide the information the system has captured as well as the information of the record that triggered the alert. If the visitor is denied, a visitor badge will not be printed and they will be added to a banned persons list. If they are approved to enter, a visitor badge with their name, the date and time, where they are going on campus, and their photo will be printed for the visitor to wear and be identifiable while on-campus.

Banned Persons (NoGo List)

Ident-A-Kid’s banned person list, called our NoGo List, holds information on all banned or monitored individuals for your school

Taking Current Photos

Before being able to check-in, a visitor will be asked to take a photo. This photo will be available in reports and can be used in case of an emergency and a certain visitor must be located and identified. Face detection software will be used to ensure an accurate photo is recorded.

Custody Issues

When a student is being signed out for an early release, a visitor management system can check for custody issues to make sure they leave with the right person. If an issue is detected, staff members will be alerted in a similar way as sexual offender checks. The alert will provide the information the system has captured as well as the information of the record that triggered the alert. If there is an issue, school staff can take the actions needed to resolve the issue.

Capturing Signatures

In addition to checking for custody issues, a visitor management system can record a person’s signature through a touchscreen computer screen when signing out students. This provides an additional layer of accountability.

Accurate Reports

A visitor management system helps keep track of those who enter the building and can provide reports when necessary. For example, during an emergency your school can pull a report of all the people who have checked-in to make sure they’re accounted for.

District-wide Reporting

With Ident-A-Kid’s Enterprise Edition, your reporting capabilities expand. District staff can view check-ins for all locations at one time which can save your security personnel time and hassle.

District-wide Banned Persons (NoGo List)

Not only does Enterprise give you reporting for all schools, but you’re also able to set a district-wide NoGo List. One list that covers all campuses for standardized practices.

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