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Sales Representative: Matt Dorrough

Sales Representative Matt Dorrough

Name: Matt Dorrough

Phone: 727-455-0365

Email: matt.dorrough@identakid.com

Areas Serviced: Idaho, Illinois, Utah and Virginia

Service(s) Provided: School Visitor Management Software

Profile: Matt is a Sales Associate with Ident-A-Kid.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Game Design from Full Sail University and his practical nursing license from Pinellas Technical College.  He has a background in insurance sales, primarily in Medicare coverage.  Using his nursing license, he led a team of data abstractors to facilitate better medical care for a number of hospitals across the nation.  While leading the team, he would speak directly with the hospital directors and head of quality assurance in regards to how to improve their patient care. With a unique skill set, Matt is able to communicate and assist any school with their school’s safety needs.