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Sales Representative: Cory MacDonald

Sales Representative Cory MacDonald

Name: Cory MacDonald

Phone: (828) 655-9500

Email: cory.macdonald@identakid.com

Areas Serviced: Arkansas, Mississippi, South Dakota and Washington State

Service(s) Provided: School Visitor Management Software


Red Hawk Security Systems Co-Owner 2008-2020

At Red Hawk, we handled everything to do with the ins and outs of security. Cameras, burglar alarms, access control, software development, wireless networks, etc. This experience has given me the knowledge and understanding of how important security is in our world today.

Countryside Country Club Bar Manager 2006-2021

Ident-a-Kid Independent Sales Representative 2021

I’ve played hockey all over the world, ran a bar, helped start a security company from the ground up and now I am here to help make our schools as safe and secure as possible.