Ident-A-Kid Tracks Visitors, Prints Passes
February 22, 2010

OMAHA, Neb. — A new security system at an Omaha elementary school that tracks visitors on a computer system is meant as an enhancement of other safeguards, not a replacement, said school officials.

The system was donated to Franklin Elementary School by Ident-A-Kid. It’s designed to be a complete campus security system.

“Basically, the way the system works is parents, students and visitors who come in to the building, instead of having to sign in a logbook, are able to log into a computer,” said Franklin principal Decua Jean-Baptiste.

The system prints badges with pictures and security slips, if necessary.

“We’re going to know who’s in the building and actually how long they’ve been in the building.” Jean-Baptiste said.

An online database adds more security, like a check of sexual offenders lists.

One thing won’t change: Parents still need to give the school notification about who is allowed to pick up a child.

If someone forbidden from the parents’ pick-up list tries to sign into the system, an alarm sounds.

Jean-Baptists said the system will make students after and give parents peace of mind.

“I think parents will appreciate that we’re doing our best to make sure their children are safe and secure,” he said.

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