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School IDs and Emergency Management in one app

MySchool iD is the easy-to-use, secure and affordable digital ID solution for schools with emergency management features built-in.

MySchool iD sample for iPhone

Completely Digital IDs

Traditional IDs can cost thousands of dollars in supplies, hardware and time. MySchool iD provides a simplified process that takes a fraction of the time and money to create IDs for your school.

MySchool ID displayed on a desk.
MSID emergency alert activated.

Emergency Button

Quickly activate an emergency notice with the click of a button, allowing students and staff to respond if they need help or are safe. Students can optionally report incidents outside of emergencies.

Access emergency reports for all reported incidents and view all marked safe or those who have not responded.

Use Everywhere

Just like a traditional ID, MySchool iD has a scannable barcode. Students and staff can scan their IDs to check-in for the day, check out books from the library, pay for school lunches and more.

Custom to Your School

Customize your IDs to your school with our easy-to-use portal! Upload your school’s logo and select your colors for a personalized ID.

Update IDs easily within the MySchool iD app.

Update Yearly

MySchool iDs are easy to update with grade level, school year and photo so the correct information is always available.

Create and

Manage Your

School IDs

MySchool iD provides a whole suite of management tools for admins to create and deploy school IDs.

MSID admin app displayed on desktop.

Top Admin Features of MySchool iD

Examples of approved and denied IDs for MSID.

Approve IDs

Cut deployment time of your IDs in half by having students upload their photos or by importing school photos. Once uploaded, administrators can approve or deny IDs before they’re completed.

Enhance your emergency management protocols with MSID.

Emergency Management

Enhance your emergency management protocols by improving response times, allowing students to report incidents and mark themselves safe, sending alerts to staff and viewing reports on any device.

Setup and Practice Drills

Improve operations by setting up groups within schools and across your district for safety drills. Your groups can receive alerts about upcoming drills to prepare for and use student rosters to report students as safe.

Improve operations by setting up groups within schools and across your district for safety drills.