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In this day and age, more school districts are beginning to utilize visitor management systems. These systems can provide benefits such as smoother visitor experiences, detailed reporting for who’s on campus, background checks and more. Using a visitor management system can greatly improve a school’s safety and daily processes. However, using a K12 VM system district-wide is a better option for multiple reasons. In this article, we’re going to educate you on why using a K12 VM district is beneficial.

District Management Tools

Going district-wide with your visitor management software can bring better account management for all the schools within your district. District administrators are able to manage all school accounts from one spot. Another district level tool that’s useful is viewing all activities in the schools across the district. By viewing all the activities, better detailed reports can be generated. With the district manager, administrators can also create a preloaded list that provides an easier way for users to check in.  The overall benefit is that school districts can save time not having to join multiple accounts to review settings/data.

District Activity Reporting

Standardization of Policy

Across the country, school districts set safety standards/policies according to state and federal guidelines. When individual schools adopt a visitor management system, it can be difficult to manage them and make sure that they follow the policies properly. When a visitor management system is adopted district-wide, policy, and procedure can be established from the top of command and can be easily synced across all schools. The benefit of this is that district administrators will know that all schools are complying with district policy, state, and federal guidelines.

District User Management

Going district-wide with a visitor management system allows you to give user access to the district administrators who need it most. Administrators can benefit from this access of a district manager because they’ll be able to access what they need from all schools. For example, district school information system administrators can be granted access to generate reports for student attendance for easier reporting on districtwide tardies and early releases. Your users will also be able to upload NoGo lists, RFID and preloaded user lists for a smoother check-in.

District User Management

Centralized Reporting Module

Using a visitor management system district-wide can simplify pulling reports from the centralized reporting module. District administrators can get a macro view report of the whole district, segment certain schools or go micro on a single school. District level reporting gives administrators information on  the number of visitors, tardies, etc. School districts can save time gathering data that is needed for district reports and create reports easily by utilizing a visitor management system district-wide.

Centralized Reporting with iVisitor Management

Unlocking Integrations

The Enterprise version of CENTEGIX Visitor Management allows school districts to integrate with partners such as PowerSchool, ClassLink, SSO/AD, Ident-A-Kid Volunteer app, Centegix and Sterling Volunteers. With these integrations, school districts can enhance safety and efficiency further. Another benefit is that school districts can save time and money, avoid unnecessary headaches and enhance data management.

Integrate with PowerSchool

CENTEGIX Visitor Management is a proud preferred partner of PowerSchool. School districts can always have up-to-date student rosters in CENTEGIX Visitor Management when you connect your PowerSchool account. Roster updates from PowerSchool sync over as you make them. Districts can also keep students safe by syncing approved contracts for early dismissal from PowerSchool to CENTEGIX Visitor Management. School districts can save hours of data entry and manage daily custody or reunification by integrating your PowerSchool account with CENTEGIX Visitor Management.

PowerSchool Preferred Partner

Integrate with ClassLink OneRoster

School districts can level up their OneRoster connection by adding their ClassLink account. School districts can benefit from a more straightforward implementation, regardless of what SIS the district uses and district-wide monitoring of data exchanged. This integration works with most SIS like FOCUS, Skyward, Infinite Campus, etc. Save hours of time and frustration uploading and updating student rosters throughout the year. As you update rosters in your SIS, the new changes sync to CENTEGIX Visitor Management.

SIS Connections

Volunteer Management

School districts can begin utilizing volunteer management by becoming district users with CENTEGIX. The Volunteer App digitizes your volunteer background check forms for a hassle free-process. Collect all the volunteer information you need for processing, in any language, without messy handwritten forms. Districts would be able to export volunteer data to use the background check provider of your choice and approved volunteers sync to CENTEGIX Visitor Management automatically. If a volunteer’s status changes at any time, they are updated accordingly on the Volunteer and CENTEGIX Visitor Management side.

Integrate with Sterling Volunteer

Sterling Volunteers is the premier volunteer background screening service dedicated to helping organizations positively impact their communities. By integrating with Sterling Volunteers, districts can easily order volunteer background checks, manage their screening program, receive free monthly updates, accept volunteer payment contributions, and gain access to a community of vetted volunteers! No need for two systems; connect CENTEGIX Visitor Management and Sterling Volunteers to manage within Sterling Volunteers and sync to CENTEGIX.

Sterling Volunteers

Identity Provider Integration for SSO

District users of the CENTEGIX Visitor Management system could configure SSO (Single Sign On) with a compatible Identity Provider. All the user would have to do is sign in once and have access to your IAK apps with no additional passwords required! This is more secure than just using passwords, and it streamlines new user account sign-ins thanks to Identity Provider giving the info needed to make an account. This solution saves districts time signing on once, easier logins for new users, and is a more secure way of signing on to your account.

Identity App

Streamlined Purchasing

Scheduling renewals for multiple different schools can be a hassle with differing expiration dates. School districts can simplify purchase and renewal by having one date for all schools by taking advantage of awarded contracts from TIPS, 1GPA for easier purchasing.

Purchasing Partners

In the same way a visitor management system can benefit an individual school, using a system district-wide offers even more functionality. Integrations could save an immense amount of time with data entry and data management. The district manager with CENTEGIX Visitor Management allows districts to manage user accounts and edit roles at all locations. Reports can easily be prepared on a macro or micro level as well. To learn more about going district-wide with your visitor management system, please contact us and we’ll assist you!