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Norwalk, CT – December 6, 2010 – Readers of District Administration are the top public school administrators in the country, and they know from experience what works and what does not work within their districts. As part of its annual award program, District Administration asked its readers to nominate the hardware, software, books, materials, web sites, or facilities products that have made a positive difference in their districts in 2010. Ident-A-Kid’s Complete Campus Security Solution (CCSS) was selected as one of the winning products. CCSS is an easy-to-use visitor management software designed to run in kiosk mode.

CCSS software improves visitor control on campuses by databasing all visitors’ pertinent information, including a photo for positive ID. It also prints a custom label that all visitors wear. “This program allows us to monitor who is in the building, how long they have been there and why, and is part of the reason our school has won three safety awards from our Alabama district attorney,” states Kenny Clay, an assistant principal in the Blount County (AL) schools. Ident-A-Kid donates CCSS to schools as its way of giving back to the communities it serves. To learn more about CCSS go to www.ccssvm.com. The winning products were determined by the quantity of nominations received per product as well as the evaluation of the quality of readers’ nominations and explanations. The 2010 winners were selected from hundreds of nominations received over the last six months, a significant increase in participation from the previous year. “These product recommendations included extensive descriptions from school administrators of how these products are used in their districts, making it very challenging to choose the top 100 products. We hope these products, and their accompanying testimonials, will act as a valuable resource for our readers,” says District Administration’s Editor in Chief Judy Faust Hartnett.

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