When a child is abducted, time is of the essence.

Law enforcers need an accurate photo and physical description of an abducted child to conduct a search correctly, and the sooner they have it, the better. But JuliAnna Wynne knows how difficult and emotional such a situation can be for parents.

“There is not a database for all of our children; there is only the database at The National Center of Missing Children if they are missing, which most people are not aware of,” Wynne said. “It is so important to educate (parents ahead of time), so they are always prepared to show all information at the scene, not an hour later when too much time has passed and it is impossible to get on the right track in recovering the child.”

For this reason, Wynne became owner of Mississippi’s Ident-A-Kid program, and she will make her annual visit to Starkville Academy at 9 a.m. October 11 to offer parents wallet-sized, laminated cards with children’s photos, physical descriptions, safety information and digital fingerprints.

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