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Parents – Even if you don’t have our eKid-ID, always remember that when you are attending a crowded event (like the Fair, a sporting event, etc.) take a quick minute to snap a picture of your child with your cell phone. That way if you are separated, you have a current picture as well as what the child was wearing that day.

Safety Rules that parents can teach their children:

  • Always tell your parents or an adult where you are going, how you are getting there, and with whom you are going.
  • Buddy System – When you go somewhere, always try to go with a partner or buddy.
  • Open Communication – Tell your parents or someone you trust if someone is touching you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Learn to say No – Remember, it is ok to say “NO!” when someone is making you feel uncomfortable, even if it’s an adult, a family member, or a teacher. It’s okay to be rude to an adult who makes you suspicious or uncomfortable.
  • Don’t keep secrets – You can keep promises (like not telling mom what dad got her for Christmas), but don’t keep secrets, especially if an adult asks you to keep a secret from your parents.
  • Family code word – Have a family code word that only you and your family knows. If someone is sent by your parents to pick you up, they must know the code word.
  • Never open the door to anyone if you are home alone.
  • Phone safety – Never answer the phone and tell the caller that you are home alone. Remember, its ok to fib when it helps keep you safe.
  • Know all of your information – Make sure you know your full name, address, and telephone number.
  • Learn about 911 – Make sure you know how to dial 911.
  • Permission always first – Don’t ever get in a car with someone without your parents’ permission.
  • Learn to escape – If someone wants you to get in his or her car, run in the opposite direction that the car is pointing. Even if the person has a weapon, RUN!
  • Scream for attention – If someone grabs you, fight, kick, punch, scream, bite…do everything you can to escape. Scream “This is not my daddy (mommy)!”
  • Adults don’t need a child’s help – If an adult asks for your help, they may be trying to trick you into going with them. Some tricks they use are, “I’m lost, can you give me directions?” or “I’ve lost my puppy (kitten). Can you help me find him?” The answer when an adult asks for help should always be, “I have to check first.”
  • Avoid name tags – Don’t wear clothes or carry a backpack with your name on the outside.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Try to avoid anything or anyone that makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable.
  • Don’t take shortcuts off the regular path. For example, avoid alleys, wooded areas, and construction sites.
  • Ask first – If you are not sure about something or someone, check with your parents first.
  • Believe in instincts – Trust your feelings. If something or someone seems scary, trust your feelings and go somewhere safe.

About Ident-A-Kid:

Ident-A-Kid Services of America, the Nation’s oldest and largest child ID safety program. We provide parents with over 3 million child IDs annually. The Ident-A-Kid card is a Child Identification Card designed to provide parents and law enforcement officials with crucial information should your child become lost or missing. The driver’s license-like card contains your child’s photograph, fingerprint and description. Parents keep the card with them at all times and, in an emergency, can provide law enforcement with it for immediate response. In addition, we offer the eKid-ID. An eKid-ID is an electronic version of our Child ID card that is sent directly to a parent’s cell phone and can be stored as a picture. It contains a color photo, name, height, weight, right index fingerprint and date of birth of the child. In the event of an emergency, the eKid-ID can be sent quickly to friends, neighbors and law enforcement.

The cost per child is 3 cards for $10, 5 cards for $15, and 1 card for $7. The eKid-ID is a free bonus to parents with the purchase of multiple ID cards of the same child.

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