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(St. Petersburg, FL – April 11, 2011) — Ident-A-Kid Services of America, Inc., celebrates 25 years of helping keep kids safe. What started in 1986 as a laminated Polaroid photo identification card with a messy ink fingerprint has evolved into a digital ID available in both traditional form and new in electronic form sent to a cell phone (called eKid-ID). Ident-A-Kid’s services are still as important today as they were 25 years ago because every day over 2,100 children are reported missing and only 3% of parents carry a current photo of their child with them.
The Ident-A-Kid child identity card program is designed for parents of young children to provide them with an accurate, easily obtainable current photo and description of their child. In case of the unthinkable event of their child becoming missing, parents can disseminate their child’s information immediately.

In schools, Ident-A-Kid helps keep children safe with its award winning software. The Complete Campus Security Solution (CCSS) software is a visitor management software designed to manage visitor traffic at a school. Thousands of schools nationwide use CCSS because it is comprehensive, easy to use, and inexpensive. Ident-A-Kid recently won the District Magazine’s Top 100 Product Award for CCSS’s features. Ident-A-Kid also provides schools with its Parent Alert notification system. This system enables schools to broadcast messages to parents via email and text message.

Ident-A-Kid donates both the CCSS and Parent Alert software to schools as their way of giving back to the communities they serve. Rick Hagan, President of Ident-A-Kid, said, “We have enabled schools to enhance safety at their schools with little or no cost, which is important in these trying budget times.”

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