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Why Should I have an ID for my child?

It is important to always be prepared for emergencies and that is why law enforcement officials strongly recommend that parents and guardians have an ID with their child’s information to share should they become separated. In the event your child was to go missing you might have feelings of stress and panic that make it difficult to remember details. That is why it is important to have the information prerecorded and ready to distribute.

How the Ident-A-Kid ID helps your family.

Since our beginning, we’ve worked at helping families reunite quickly if they became separated. We know that most of us have our phones within reach at all times, so we’ve taken our popular Child ID card program and made it digital! Our Digital Child ID allows you to easily create and manage an ID for all your children that has important characteristics that can help identify them. In the unfortunate event you become separated from your child you can quickly share their ID to social media and local law enforcement for a faster response time.

Unlimited Sharing.

We recommend that you share your child’s ID with everyone who is a caregiver for your child.  Anyone who could potentially have the need for an immediate physical description of your child such as Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Babysitters, Nannies, etc. should have a copy of your child’s digital ID on their phone.

Physical ID cards are still available for print. To find a local Ident-A-Kid Director in your area, click here.

For only $12.00, Ident-A-Kid now provides a digital ID to parents and/or guardians for up to three children!


*If your child has an Ident-A-Kid program through their school, please see the form you received from the school for a payment link. If you no longer have the form please click here to contact your local representative.