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How We Make It Quick and Easy to Create IDs for Your Students and Staff

Can you think of a time you’ve put off a task because you thought it would be more difficult than it actually was? We all do it from time to time.  When you first start using a new system, no matter what it’s for,  it can seem like a daunting task. In a survey we conducted in July 2021, 37.8% of schools don’t currently use IDs. Of those that do, they reported spending up to several weeks out of the year getting all their IDs created.

When it comes to emergency management, 57.3% reported not having a system in place. In light of recent tragic events, emergency preparedness for schools is vital. We created MySchool iD™  as an easier to use, more affordable way for schools and districts of any size to use student and staff IDs with essential emergency management features built-in.

One way we’re able to provide an easier-to-use solution is through our simple onboarding and setup process. In this post, we’re going to take you through the onboarding process for MySchool iD to show you just how easy and hands-off it can be for your team.

Onboarding call

You’ve just signed up for MySchool iD. Now what? The first step of getting you set up for success begins with our customer success team scheduling a time with you, and all other relevant stakeholders. 

During this time, we’ll set up each user’s role, collect the school logos and colors, create ID barcodes, and more. That’s right, we set everything up for you! There’s no stress of having to figure out new settings because we do it during this meeting and show you exactly how it’s done.                

During this meeting, we’ll also walk you through the only two data sets we need to create student and staff IDs; a complete roster and accompanying photos. That’s it! We have templates ready to go so it’s easy for you to export and import everything needed.

Customer success team member helping a school with the onboarding process for MySchool iD™.

Schedule time with local emergency services

After our team has set up your account(s), users, and roles, the next step is to get in contact with the local emergency services agencies. MySchool iD is equipped with essential emergency management functionality, like direct communication to 911 within the MySchool iD admin portal. Our customer success team will reach out on behalf of your school or district and create this connection for you. There’s no added work for MySchool iD users.

MySchool iD™ is equipped with essential emergency management functionality, like direct communication to 911.

Creating Your Student and Staff IDs

Once we have your roster and photos, our team will create IDs for all your students and staff, upload your school logos and colors, and create scannable barcodes. We will then send you helpful policy documents, recommended procedures, and support items for a smooth rollout. This includes email templates to send to your students, parents, and staff to educate them on your new student and staff IDs and emergency management procedures.

Receive helpful policy documents, recommended procedures and different support items.

Initial MySchool iD™ Testing with Users

Now that your account has been fully set up, your IDs are created, we’ll test with a small section of users before a complete rollout. We do this to make sure that any issues that may arise are resolved beforehand, and that users feel comfortable with their new IDs. The Ident-A-Kid customer success team will be there to help answer any questions and guide users.

Not only will users test their IDs, but we’ll also have the emergency management functionality tested as well. We’ll help you simulate drills, send emergency alerts from the MySchool iD app, and communicate with your local emergency services agencies.

Full Rollout of MySchool iD

Finally, once the test rollout has concluded, and any known issues have been resolved, we’ll schedule the full rollout for your school on a date that you choose. Similar to the test launch, our customer success team will be on standby the day of your full launch. We’re dedicated to making sure you have a positive experience and no issues. We will continue to follow up with you and your team throughout the year as well.

If you have any questions about MySchool iD, please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below.

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