Director Name: Cathy Riggs

Phone: 757-359-7132 Alternate Phone:

Fax: 757-227-5505



State Located In: VA

Areas Served: Virginia Beach and Norfolk county

Profile: According to national statistics, nearly a million children are reported lost, missing, or separated from their parents each year. In far too many cases, law enforcement agencies are thwarted in their efforts to locate lost and missing children by the lack of current and accurate descriptions, fingerprints and high quality photographs. As we have learned, being able to respond immediately offers the best chance for safe recovery.

For over 20 years Ident-A-Kid has provided pioneering programs and expert services designed to protect the safety of our children. Ident-A-Kid issues over three million Immediate Response Child Rescue Identification cards each year to parents, schools and communities throughout the United States. The Ident-A-Kid card is a driver's license-like card that contains a child’s photograph, fingerprint and description. Parents keep the card with them at all times and, in an emergency, can provide law enforcement with crucial information for immediate response.

As one of the America’s most responsive, respected and ardent advocates of child safety, Ident-A-Kid is committed to ongoing educational and safety initiatives that offer parents and schools effective tools and knowledge to keep kids safe.

If you would like to obtain a card for your child you can contact your local Program Director. There may also be a program at your child’s school, if not, we encourage you to contact your principal and inquire about an Ident-A-Card program for your school. If you would like to pay via PayPal, click here and complete the required form.

Contact Information:
Phone: 757-359-7132
Fax: 757-227-5505
Under the direction of Program Director, Cathy Riggs, are the following 2 counties: Viginia Beach and Norfolk

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