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Student and staff school ID cards are an essential part of many districts’ operations. IDs for schools serve multiple purposes, from a secure way to enter the campus to identifying students. For years, PVC plastic ID cards have been the go-to option, but with the advances in technology and popularity of cell phones, could there be a better way to create and use IDs for schools? We certainly think so and are going to explore how you can benefit from switching to MySchool iD™.

Digital IDs available with MySchool iD™

Equipment, Supplies and Time

If your school or district prints your student and staff IDs that require an upfront investment in a printer capable of printing on plastic cards, software for that printer, ribbon and other printer supplies that need to be replaced, and time to print the IDs. Not to mention, there will need to be time spent learning how to use the software and printer settings. Just like any other appliance, your ID printer may break or malfunction, costing you more time and money getting it fixed or replaced.

According to responses from a survey we conducted, schools reportedly spend anywhere between four hours and two weeks on average creating IDs for their students and staff!  (link to survey) Unlike the traditional plastic ID cards, MySchool iD requires no upfront investment in equipment, supplies, or staff hours, saving you money and valuable time. Our team will create high-quality, functional IDs custom to your school’s logo and colors in a short turnaround time. Let us take care of the ID process for you!

Cheaper Pricing and Great Discounts

You may be using plastic ID cards or be considering ID cards but outsourcing the printing of them to a third party. You might think that doing this provides cost savings since you don’t have to buy the equipment and supplies yourself, but honestly, many of these third-party vendors will just pass the cost on to you. With MySchool iD™, we don’t have the cost of using and maintaining equipment, passing savings onto you. We even have discounts available to bring your price down even further!

Update Your IDs When You Need To

Because MySchool iD is an entirely digital system, you can update your student and staff IDs whenever you need to. Once you make your changes, they will be applied instantly to all users. This capability is beneficial if you need to quickly update your school’s logo, add essential resources to IDs, or even add more IDs to your account.

Scannable Barcodes

Scannable Barcodes available with MySchool iD™

IDs are essential for daily operations, from being an access key to entering the campus or checking out library books. MySchool iD provides a scannable barcode that can be used for:

  • Paying for school meals
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Keyless entry to campus
  • Checking into events
  • Renting library books
  • Renting computers
  • Renting musical instruments
  • Renting athletic equipment
  • Tracking bus ridership

IDs Are Never Lost or Stolen

Quickly print a temporary ID if any technical or human errors happen.

We’re all human, and sometimes, we misplace our items. A school ID might not be that high up for a student on the list of things to always have with you. Their cell phone, though? We’re guessing that it is always nearby. If a student has their phone, then they have their school ID!

Now you might be wondering, what if they lose their phone? What if their phone dies or breaks? These are all legitimate considerations, and we have you covered. Even if a student doesn’t have a cell phone, you can still provide them with an ID. In the MySchool iD portal, you can quickly and easily print a temporary ID from your average inkjet or thermal printer. This temporary school ID is identical to the digital version, including the scannable barcode used around campus.

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