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Omaha, NE – If you go to visit your child at an Omaha school, you’ll have to check in first at the office. Now one school is going a step further, taking action to keep children safe.

Walking into Franklin Elementary, Brandon Mutum drops off his daughter’s backpack. Instead of signing his name on a piece of paper and being able to roam the school freely, he’s directed to the main office to use the new security system and he couldn’t be happier with the change. “My daughter, she’s growing up. Franklin’s a really good school, especially they got a new security system now, it’s really great,” said parent, Brandon Mutum.

IDENT-A-KID Services of America donated the program to the school. Now, anyone walking into the building uses this computer which records a person’s name and makes a photo ID for them. “They can go on and look at their picture so if they have met someone throughout the building and don’t recognize them, they can find out why they’re here and where they’re going,” said IDENT-A-KID Director, Kim Gracey.

That’s not all, every person checking in is automatically scanned to see if they’re on the sexual predator database. If they are, the computer puts out an alarm. Franklin’s principal hopes the system can eventually go in all schools. “We’ve got nothing but positive responses from our families,” said Principal, Decua Jean-Baptiste.

Right now, no other schools have plans to put the security system in their buildings.

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