Let’s face it, times have changed. The danger of a child being lost or abducted is a very real and disturbing concern for parents today. With Ident-A-Kid, you can sleep a little easier at night with the peace of mind that goes with knowing that you have taken pro-active steps to keep your child safe. And every single time you open your wallet or look at the photos on your cell phone, your Ident-A-Kid Child ID Card and eKid-ID are reminders of the dedication and determination you have for your child’s safety.


What is an Ident-A-Kid card?

The Ident-A-Kid card is an Child Identification Card designed to provide parents and law enforcement officials with crucial information should your child become lost or missing. The driver’s license-like card contains your child’s photograph, fingerprint and description. Parents keep the card with them at all times and, in an emergency, can provide law enforcement with it for immediate response. phone
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Child Rescue Network

Child Rescue Network (CRN) was established to help parents protect their children. We have 3 main areas of focus: To raise awareness of the issues our children face regarding abduction and sexual victimization; to educate families on the best methods to teach children how to recognize and react to potentially dangerous situations; and to actively help in the search efforts to bring abducted children home!