e-Kid ID

Ident-A-Kid to Offer Cell Phone ID

An eKid-ID will enable rapid notification in an emergency


(St. Petersburg, FL – November 15, 2009) — Ident-A-Kid Services of America, Inc.,
announced that in January 2010, the company will start rolling out an electronic version of its Ident-A-Kid child ID card, called eKid-ID. The eKid-ID will contain critical information to help locate a lost or missing child, including name, color photo, height, weight, right index fingerprint, and date of birth. This information is collected by Ident-A-Kid’s trained technicians through programs offered at public and private schools. The data is sent directly to the parent’s cellular phone as a picture message. The parent can store the eKid-ID on their phone, so it is readily available. Should their child become lost or missing, the parent can instantly forward the eKid-ID to friends, neighbors and law enforcement to help locate their child quickly. Ident-A-Kid’s Director of IT, Dean Boenzi, said, ‚ÄúThis technology could significantly speed up the search process by mobilizing an entire community in a matter of minutes.”

Ident-A-Kid plans to offer eKid-ID as a free bonus to parents that purchase multiple traditional ID cards. Ident-A-Kid’s President, Rick Hagan, said, “eKid-ID is a value added tool for our nearly 3 million annual customers.”

There may be some phone limitations. Initially, Ident-A-Kid can only provide eKid-ID to customers of the largest wireless providers and customers must have picture message capabilities on their phone.

How to use the eKid-ID in the event your child is missing?

  1. In the event of an emergency, before transmitting an eKid-ID, notify and consult your local law enforcement agency.
  2. Transmit the eKid-ID to people on your cellular phone list asking for their help to locate your child. You should include additional information, such as time and place of disappearance, clothing, etc.
  3. Request that those on YOUR phone list forward your child’s information to people on THEIR phone list.
  4. Upon the recovery of your lost child, be sure to send out a cancellation of the alert.