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Why Ident-A-Kid Cards Work

As a parent, our child ID card provides parents and law enforcement with crucial information should your child become lost or missing. Our driver’s license-like card contains your child’s photograph, fingerprint and description. Parents keep this card or the eKid-ID with them at all times in case of an emergency.

Visitor Management Software

Ident-A-Kid’s Visitor Management Software is totally customizable; allowing schools to track visitors, tardy students, volunteers, staff, etc. You can use all the collected data to generate a full list of reports, like a tardy student or staff hour’s report that just takes a few clicks to access and print. Our software includes a sexual offender alert system, by automatically checking all visitors against the National Database for Sexual Offenders.

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Ident-A-Kid’s products are in over 7,000 schools nationwide. We have helped protect tens of thousands of students over the last 30 years. We appreciate the schools and parents loyalty to our products. We are honored by your trust and look forward to protecting your children for many more years.

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